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10 May 2012 - 2 Comments
…And when he dropped someone’s photos
Taking roubles from his pants,
Prostitutes from city Khimki
Mocked at him as only could.

Laughing and never flinching,
They said every time:
«Probably, you’re a poor photographer?
So take for one hundred us!»…

Each photographer has his own reason to do it. Someone does it for money, someone for fun or for his own ideological reasons.
In that sense, I also have two motivating factors, one of which is money and the other is aesthetic pleasure derived from the outer and inner beauty of the object, his charisma and vividness.

What does it mean? I’m interested in getting not so much technically high-quality images (modern equipment and skills help get them without too much trouble), but to obtain photographs, featuring artistic intent or story line. In particular, it concerns Love Story. What is photography of the so-called love story in practice? – Right, it gives a set of meaningless frames, usually displaying frolicking lovers in the open air. And the most interesting is that no one thinks of what we are actually shooting? Is the subject of love story revealed?

And now take a look over there – you can read the following story as a novel. Do you see the difference? I want to get something like that as a result of our interaction.

A lot of things depend on me in this process – I must have a creative and emotional lift… but it doesn’t occur on its own account. And here much depends on you as a participant of this theatrical performance, namely shooting.

Practically speaking: if your case seems interesting to me, we’ll always agree on money.
Now a few words about the contract.

The task provider for shooting for me is a person (a married couple) with whom I conclude a contract. It means that concluding the agreement with newlyweds, I focus specifically on their wishes during the wedding ceremony, but no witness/relatives/friends who often try to interfere with the process of photography.

The second point is that the photographer owns all copyrights and ownership rights to all photographs, captured by him, including rights to use photos for his own online advertising demo portfolio in print and online, exhibitions, contests, journal and other publications.

If someone does not agree with this term (for example, you are a local celebrity, public or public figure), then it can be deleted, but in this case the price of photography will rise.

I’d like to mention the process of creating a wedding photobook that is very important for me. As an artist, I would like to have full freedom of action. It means that I would like to choose the book’s format, cover and pictures for it. But I do understand the married couple who have their own vision of what pictures are supposed to be put there and their number. That’s why there are may be some disagreements. In order to find a compromise on all the issues, we’ll meet with you and discuss the details as many times as you wish.

I want to say a few words on territorial working location. Of course, speaking about art, it is not appropriate to talk about the place where it will take its shape, but… still, I prefer Moscow and regions in the southeastern direction.

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  • Анна 06 August 2012 ·

    Здравствуйте Денис, у меня подруга выходит замуж 22 сентября 2012г., мы с девочками на девичник хотим подарить ей фотосессию (прогулка по парку 1-2 часа г. Раменское, ориентировочные даты: вечер 7-ого, 8-ого, 14-ого или 15-ого сентября), вообще изначально была задумка нарядить девочек в “маленьких девочек” (платья, бантики, колготки, мягкие игрушки в руках, а вместо парка выбрать одну из детских площадок), надеюсь у меня получится их уговорить, Подскажите пожалуйста сколько может стоить такая работа. Даже если Вы не сможете сами или вас это предложение не заинтересует, может быть Вы сможете кого-то порекомендовать, заранее спасибо за ответ.


  • Татьяна 25 August 2013 ·

    Здравствуйте. Вы свободны на 11 октября 2013г? Я организую девичник в клубе ( скорее всего “16 тонн”), хотим пригласить фотографа на это мероиятие. Сколько стоит час работы? И сколько времени надо выделить для фотосессии, нас 6 девушек?


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