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30 October 2012 - 1 Comments

Well, even if we have different tastes.
Let’s argue! Yes, I am not a realist!
I see the world in a different way than you.
So what?!© (12 chairs)

The photographer’s services differ, as well as their cost. Sometimes they cost much. Sometimes even too much. But regardless of the price, I always want to ask: are the wedding photos important for you? I suppose the answer is «of course!». Then it’s high time to ask another question: «are they really important!?». I think I can also guess the most logical answer: «They certainly do!». Sorry, but everything is not yet so clear. And then there is the third question: «are you sure?? How important are they for you!??»

Here I often notice some misunderstanding and irritation in the look of an interlocutor. His impatience to my repetitive questions is slowly growing. But… Three or four of the same questions – that is, of course, the least I can do to get the desired result.

So, what are we talking about? «Are you sure?? How important are they for you?!?»

«Well, this is… well… important in principle, let’s have the pictures. Otherwise I wouldn’t order a photographer on the side, so to speak.»

It is a good and honest answer. Now I know exactly what you need from me: to see the chronology of the event in photographs and recognize the familiar people. There is nothing strange about it. But from the photographer’s perspective, it is reportage photography, where he captures the things that are going on, without interfering with the process.

They are important, but within reasonable limits.

In this case, you should be ready to sit to. Most likely, it will take some time and free and easy atmosphere. The friendly atmosphere will be very handy. People need to be relaxed, but not ashamed. Much depends on their naturalness.

They are important. Very important!

Here’s everything much more serious. Be ready that except toastmasters and witnesses, the photographer will often take the reins in his hands. He will say where you have to stand. How and whom to look at. Wait until all passers-by and cars will go by. Multiple shoots – these are ordinary things for wedding photography. We think and prepare special locations for taking pictures in advance. Sometimes it is necessary to move objects in the apartment. Only those who according to the photographer, correspond to «face» and «dress code» monitoring for this scene will be displayed in the frame.

Very important! Well, I’m actually getting married just for the pictures!

That’s what I like most. It is my favorite case. I immediately warn everyone that the photographer is the main character during the wedding and… start.

To make the photos as qualitative and aesthetic as possible, you must meet a number of conditions. But at first, let’s find out, what makes the photos look beautiful and harmonious?

Let’s factor out skills and experience of the photographer, his view on the shooting process, equipment, availability of an assistant, as well as the technical characteristics of the frame, such as: sharpness, contrast, color, composition, etc. Though, I think that all the stated above has not less than 30% impact on the final quality of pictures.

Let’s consider the remaining part of 70%.

  • 1. Clear and warm weather, which allows the photographer and newlyweds to work in comfortable conditions.
  • 2. Good lighting.
  • 3. No foreign objects in the scene.
  • 4. A successful background (for example, blossoming of nature; thick, juicy greens; white clouds on a blue sky; mountains; seaside; clean industrial area in hi-tech style).
  • 5. The natural positive mood of the couple, its liveliness, looseness, culture, philosophy and education.
  • 6. Surroundings of the newlyweds: friends and relatives. The social environment of all these people.

These conditions have a very strong influence on quality of pictures. And avoidance of at least one of them almost inevitably leads to poor results of wedding photography.

Let’s dwell on it more.

What can we do? After all, we can’t control weather!? As a rule, people are thinking about the wedding before it has actually started. Of course, it doesn’t deal with a special occasion, when it is necessary to urgently get married.

It comes from the history that people are used to registering marriages in the most successful summer months.

Go ahead and do the same. Preferably from mid-May to the end of September. In this case, you are more likely to get good weather.

And now imagine November: cold, windy with snow and rain. The month of slush and mush. The month when the sky presses out the clouds upon us like rags used to wash the public corridor. The month in which the temperature can’t decide whether it should go to minus or continue making porridge out of the surface layers of topsoil. Exactly in mud, slush and mush you step with disgust wearing new wedding shoes, trying to get out of the limo to go thirty meters to peeling red walls of the Kolomna Kremlin and standing with blue cold noses, you try to smile to the photographer, who doesn’t feel the shutter’s button on the camera because his fingers have already become numb with cold.

A gray, low hanging dull sky makes faces flat due to the lack of light. There is nothing bright and joyful in such photographs. The picture’s background features black trunks of trees with bare branches, surrounded with ravens bouncing and loudly screaming.

Do you think that the frames will be good? Do you know why no one puts such frames in portfolio?

Another thing is a warm, sunny day that makes you want to run, enjoy life and this event. Turn

I see confusion on your face again. You would say that light is the concern of the photographer. Do we have to take lanterns, or something else with us? No. It's not about that. The important thing here is how you can plan your wedding day.

Speaking more specifically, I should say that the best natural lighting conditions are in the morning (sunrise) and in the evening (sunset). At noon, when shooting outdoors, you can see hard shadows on the faces. Of course, this can be avoided with modern means, while taking pictures of a single person or a young couple. But if there is a group of people or objects against the background, the pictures will be damaged.

Moreover, a setting or rising sun has a special beauty, rays and soft shadows. All this makes the picture much better.

And knowing this, you can better plan your time for wedding photo shoots. For example, avoid foreclosures and go for a walk early in the morning.

The second point is connected with the restaurant. As a rule, it is one of the key points in wedding preparation taken into account by the newlyweds. The restaurant means everything including registration in the registry office, but not vice versa.

So the wider spacious restaurant rooms are, the smoother they will be filled with natural light. The more natural, neutral colors are in their design, the better pictures you’ll take.

It is also important to mention an adequate staff of the restaurant. The toastmaster and DJ should be always ready to cooperate with the photographer.

Sometimes there are situations in restaurants, when guests are sitting only in pitch darkness of candlelight, according to the idea of the toastmaster and DJ. Then they start dancing in the same darkness, illuminated only with the lighted multicolored lights of stroboscope. In addition, they often start a smoke-machine. What pictures can you take there? Turn

No foreign objects in the frame
Are there people among us for whom that fact wouldn't be obvious? I hope not. However, understanding is not enough, you must actually do something.

Let’s start with the apartment of the bride. If you think of it in terms of pictures, then the best option is a spacious clean room, preferably with a minimum of furniture.

It is awful when it happens that wherever you’re directing camera to take photos in a small room, you see an old red carpet on the wall with an insane picture or the wall is entirely lined with porcelain, crockery and bookcases made with subscription of Mayakovsky and BSE.

Remember that everything gets into the frame and will be rather sharp in the picture, even though you have a set of wide angle lenses with open aperture. Other lenses are useless because of limited space.

Besides, different people and their distorted body parts will be getting in the frame: a relative with hair rollers or a little young brother wandering around the apartment with a sabre. It all causes the atmosphere of tension, screams and a feeling of mess.

And don’t forget to take washing lines and clothes on them away from the kitchen. At least, for the wedding day. Believe me that everything that you get in the pictures, you won’t fix with Photoshop or some other programs.

So I will give you one piece of advice, my girls: rent the hotel suite. Of course, if you can afford it. At least for one day. It will solve many problems connected with wedding photography and your emotional state on the wedding day. The photographer will have more space and light and no other people around. Think of your parents. It will be much easier for them, as they will solve many problems associated with the apartment, its cleaning or repair for meeting the guests. Turn

A successful background
It seems that there is nothing to discuss. Everything is obvious and understandable when we are talking about natural beauties, however, we often meet people with lack of taste (although, they never admit it) who behave strictly stereotypically. I’m talking about the way newly married choose (usually in this case the brides are the initiators of it) places for wedding photo shoots. Typical scheme area for shooting in Ramenskoe is as follows: at first there is redemption, registration, then it is necessary to lay flowers at the eternal flame. Several scenes at a memorial wall art. Then all the attention is attracted by the only significant landmark of the Ramenskoe district – Trinity Church, so it is sacred to do one or two dozen shots in front of it. The next important place is the fountain on the Youth square and departure to Kratovskoe Lake, where they usually have to stand for half an hour waiting to take some pictures near the marble railings. I will try to explain why it is likely that shooting in such places will not be successful.

Often trying to take a picture of this and that, everything goes bad. Neither architectural monument no people really come out. When you take a picture of a person, you focus on him, blurring the background to take everything else away. When taking pictures according to wishes of the customer who wants to adopt his ownership with history, you want him and the church to come out as they should, so you must increase the depth of field, using a large field lens to make the whole building entire. In this case there will be a large number of young foreign objects in the frame: people, cars, electric poles, wires and God knows what else… Imagine all these objects in the background of uncanny perspective distortion that makes a photograph frame awful.

When one asks the question «Why do you need it? Why do you take pictures with the monuments?», you won’t get an intelligible answer.

«To remember the places where they had been, when they would look through the photo in a few years. «That’s where we’ve been and what we’ve seen there! We stood nearby!» is a typical and the most common response. Probably the phrase «here was…» is written on the walls, fences and desks for the same reason…» Turn

The newlyweds
Let’s talk about their impact on the quality of photos in general. Let's start from the very beginning. Culture. Yes, culture of the newlyweds and their environment is one of the most important guarantees of success or failure of the wedding photos.

It is necessary to begin with the politeness of the groom and the bride, their goodwill as they create atmosphere in the morning when I have to work, but not to think – when this hell will finally end to go home as soon as possible. It’s the psychological aspect.

The second thing defined by the culture of a young couple is its outlook on life, morality and ideology. Cultured, educated, usually self-sufficient people will likely not arrange a ransom in a shabby entrance in order to entertain their surroundings (even being under the intense pressure of invited friends or relatives who arrived from the backwoods). Because they simply don’t need to. Why? To put the groom in stupid and ridiculous situations. To shout out to the whole yard «My love, I’m here». To guess the lip prints and much else. In most cases the grooms don’t like this procedure. But to many others vodka helps overcome the psychological barrier of being a clown. And then more and more. And after that it doesn’t matter what they had to do that day.

After all, as a matter of fact, the more foolish people are, the more primitive and repetitive jokes will delight them. This applies to entertainment television shows and the type of jokes provided by Petrosyan and American comedies, where an entire flat humor is based on sex or position. And this is what happens during a foreclosure.

Speaking in terms of pictures, you can’t make a technically high-quality, attractive, beautiful, expensive shot in a shabby, scratched, crowded entrance where people have to stand in the narrow stair passages with dim light.

So remember, the foreclosure won’t provide you with aesthetic photos!

The same applies to all entertainment parts of weddings – in the restaurant. The more primitive and entertaining jokes the toastmaster uses over the drunken guests during the ceremonies (and usually he negotiates his program with young people in advance), the more expensive your pictures will look.

Unfortunately, only the newlyweds over 30 understand this problem as they are already independent people and tend to live separately from their parents. Financial independence also allows them to get rid of all sorts of prejudices, conventions of formal traditions and other total rubbish. Turn

The surrounding of the newlyweds.
Have you ever thought what else could be the cause of unaesthetic photos? I will say – dress code. Or rather the lack of it. Here's a nice example which once has got a wide popularity in «A witness from Fryazino».

And it is not a joke. Personally I have seen something like that, especially if the wedding is somewhere in the country. It is not so much about the cultural or spiritual difference, but about the social one.

In due time the term «Lumpish» has been introduced by Karl Marx to refer to the lowest layers of the proletariat. Now let’s compare the possible wedding of such people to the wedding of the Moscow intelligentsia. Can you imagine the difference?

And it’s not the money I’m talking about. You may argue that you would organize a great wedding, if there were money…

-No, I wouldn’t! It all depends on the social environment, culture that is becoming established since childhood. And even if you rent five white limos and pricey restaurant in Moscow, most likely that your friends will habitually drink from the early morning, well before the foreclosure starts (because they don’t understand that it can be different), and everything goes wrong.

Here’s another example from my experience. «Honorary witness».

However, even if we do not take into account the extremes, decently dressed guests can sometimes cause dissonance at wedding shots. Here’s an example.

Typically, a socialite girl, coming to the store, picks up a kind of clothes that would have allowed her to emphasize her style. Without going into details, most likely it will be objects of the same colour: bag, gloves and shoes.

The same can be said about style in interior design. And why you want to visit some sites, and some do not. For the same reason – style.

So style is some single whole inspired by a common idea.

Check the harmony look of the following photos.

In my practice, such a case happened only once, and I must say that it was one of the best weddings that I have ever seen.

It is quite a difficult task for the groom and the bride to convince their friends who most often will fall into the frame, to forget about their pride (especially for girls) and dress the same way. Turn

…And so, «Are you still sure that good photos are important to you?»

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  • Кристина 06 September 2013 ·

    Мне вас рекомендовали как хорошего и недорогого фотографа в Раменском, но вот незадача- моя свадьба в начале декабря, на буйную зелень и синее небо рассчитывать не приходится :) Почитала вашу статью и убедилась, что надо арендовать зал в ” Рам Плазе” или в “Калипсо”, может еще порекомендуете рестораны с хорошими интерьерами в Раменском или Жуковском?
    И возьметесь ли за мой заказ?


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