The photographer’s services differ, as well as their cost. Sometimes they cost much. Sometimes even too much. But regardless of the price, I always want to ask: are the wedding photos important for you? I suppose the answer is «of course!». Then it’s high time to ask another question: «are they really important!?». I think [...]
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Each photographer has his own reason to do it. Someone does it for money, someone for fun or for his own ideological reasons. In that sense, I also have two motivating factors, one of which is money and the other is aesthetic pleasure derived from the outer and inner beauty of the object, his charisma [...]
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The most significant achievement in the field of digital photography evaluated by the professional world community was that one of my jobs hit the top, and then took the first place at Many people believe that their experience is the best achievement. But it is necessary to define the terms – what experience is [...]
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