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01 November 2009 - 0 Comments

My workmate has got a job of a driver at the FSKN. Now he works two days after two days. So his interest in geodesy weakened considerably. Once he demonstrated the direction that causes the STSI officers to close their eyes to infringements of the law.

…On the road he makes the most mileage out of
The Land Rover with his 777 number.
Raising dust, driving swarms downwind,
The car has reached the limit on the speedometer.
The wave of black and white baton has stopped the flight,
A pilot cringed into the chair,
But he remembered of the regional prosecutor’s visiting card,
Giving the liberty to its owner.
«Here they are» ― said I firmly, giving the documents to the officer, ― «Do you like experiments? Put it into your ass!»

I started taking interest in photography and in wedding photography in particular.

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